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Brand New Product Release!

The 7-Day Facelift is


Discover How You Can REVERSE THE HANDS OF TIME on Your Face in ONLY 7 DAYS With Our 100% ALL-NATURAL "Facelift in a Box" - CLICK on the Button Below to Watch a FREE VIDEO on Exactly What This AMAZING 7-Day Facelift Can Do!*

Meet California Glow Founder, Monica Susan Summers-Main

"My journey for 100% all-natural skincare started when I was diagnosed with having skin cancer a decade ago.  It was then that I began to uncover the dark truths behind the commercial skincare industry and how 99% of the products out there will not only help facilitate cancer growth in your body but is also making you sick, depressed, and lethargic...and you probably don't even know that it's your skincare that's doing this to you!  Now it's time for you to start using 100% all-natural yet highly effective skincare, starting with my powerful 7-Day Facelift System!"*

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER AS REQUIRED BY LAW:  These Statements Have NOT Been Evaluated By the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  This Product is NOT Intentended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent Any Disease.  As With All Skincare Products, Your Results May Vary.